Jen (BELEN PIFEL) and Brian (Tyler Matthews) are hosting a dinner party to celebrate their new life together...unfortunately that means guests.  Dinner at Eight is a comedic farce documenting just how bad a dinner party can get.  On the menu we have Jen’s mischievous mother Twyla (Twila Ilgenfritz), her unapologetic mystery date Miko (Dean Campbell), Brian’s best friend and ex-wife April (Dawn Hall) and her blind date, the socially inept Albert (Frederick Cowie). . .  and Gabby (Ginger O’Brien).  Dinner at Eight will leave you hungry for more from this great ensemble cast and witty script rendered in modern slapstick.  With John Robert Keena, Janelle Schmidt, Vanessa Rae Bent, Spencer Brown, Bada Hebron, DC Cathro, Calder Withers, Elena Kobrinski, Melan Perez, Silvia Sanchez and Andrea Weeks.

Written by Robert Gustafson

Directed by Joseph J Zito